8 Tips To Keep Your House Dust Free!
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You can’t win the fight against the dust in your home but our team at Essential Rentals shares 8 Tips on how you can reduce it greatly.
There are two primary sources of dust, internal and external. When talking about internal dust we are talking about the dust you are creating all the time your skin, your hair, the dander of your pets and children and houseguests. Well, that is all dust. And from outside the house, all manner of grit and grime and foreign matter enters and can make a mess of things.

Dust in the home is made of sloughed-off skin cells, animal dander, hair, dust mites and their feces, fabric fibers, tiny particles of soil, plaster and paint. Many people are allergic to dust and dust mites. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page so you can get the latest tips and news from out team at Essential Rentals as well as discounts, special offers and promotions for our furniture, home appliance, TV rentals and more! While most of these tips seem obvious many people keep forgetting them.

Keep your house dust free with these tips

  • Microfibre dusters

Instead of using old T-shirts or feathers, use a microfiber cloth to clean and capture the dust. It will attract dust like a magnet. If you are not using a microfibre cloth, dampen your cloth. Your surfaces will be spick and span without any cleaning solution. While this is something one would normally do, many overlook it and forget about it and don’t deem it as important.

  • Vacuum

Before you dust you should vacuum your home because vacuums can blow around small dust particles, which you get rid of by dusting after it. Use a vacuum with a filter that traps more of the tiny stuff, once a week.

  • Get a Doormat

This will act as a trap on the outside. Doormats will act as a catch area for dust that comes in from the outside through shoes. Doormats will also block the gap between your door and the floor and keep the dust from coming in that way.

  • Clean your bedding

Your bed is a dust collector, from fiber from clothing, to bedding and skin that you shed on a daily basis. Clean your bed sheets and pillowcases often, if you can once a week. Heavier items like blankets and duvets don’t need a weekly clean but you should take them outside for shaking and not forget about them.

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  • Declutter

Books and artwork provide nooks and crannies for dust to settle. If you have kids, their stuffed animals are also a breeding ground for dust. People more often overlook that. Wash them every once in a while to avoid the dust piling up in them.

  • Beat up your rugs

Aside from vacuuming your rugs you should take them outside, beat them and shake them. If your house is prone to a lot of dust, opt for rugs that have a shorter pile. This means that you go for a woven rug instead of a shaggy rug.

  • Dust your furniture

Furniture traps all kinds of dust particles and should be dusted quite often. Turn over your pillows and cushions and give them a beating that will release dust that accumulated over time. You can also use a vacuum while having installed an upholstery brush in the correct part of your vacuum. If you want them to be like new then once in a while get professional cleaners to shampoo the seat, reminds our team at Essential Rentals.

  • Windows

If you want to keep dust coming in through the windows you can use a window screen. If your windows remain shut, put masking tape over the space between the window and the wall. Remove the tape when you want to open the windows. Also, you need to wipe the window sills regularly with a damp cloth and clean your window sheers and curtains often.

We hope these tips will help you keep the dust away and your home cleaner. If you need any tips with the furniture at your house contact us here and our team members will help you out.

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