Choose Right Furniture for Small Spaces
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In a compact space, selecting just-right furnishings can make a big difference between your home feeling uncomfortable or comfortable. From practically transparent acrylic chairs to shelving that is adjustable to the needs of your space, these 10 furniture pieces must be on any small space dweller’s must-have list.

A large dining table with a narrow pedestal base tucks into fewer spaces with ease. The round edge means there’ll be no more bumping into sharp corners, and the (nearly) leg-free center makes it easier to squeeze one more friend around the table.


  • Choose flexible shelving

Instead of collecting the largest feasible shelving unit to suit your space, think about having a few versatile cubbyhole shelves that will either hold upright or lie horizontally. A pair can sit side by side against a wall, be done in different rooms or flank a sofa.


  • Stack up stools

Just because you don’t have room for bulky armchairs and a large sofa doesn’t mean you won’t have a demand for ample seating. One solution is to tuck a stack of stools in an edge – when extra guests pop by, you’ll have a place for everyone.


Shorter stacking stools, like those seen here, are even more varied than tall versions in small rooms as they can be used as convenient side tables as well as extra seats.


  • Reflect the room

If you’re going to buy just some items to make the most of your little space, a large mirror should definitely top your list. Fixing an oversized design immediately makes a small room feel bigger and brighter. Place it opposite a window for best light-boosting power.


To get the look of one big mirror without paying a fortune, select two or three simple full-length mirrors and attach them side by side. For a more comprehensive look, browse junk shops for a mix of vintage designs and grow your own striking feature wall.



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