Essential Rentals – Must-Know Furniture Assembly Tips
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Furniture assembly can seem a little intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. This article will give you useful advice how to make easy work of any flat pack assembly project so that you can have your furniture built in no time, and will save you the need for some waste disposal.

  1. Be Ready

It’s crucial for you to decide what you want to buy before you head to the store and most importantly you will need accurate measurements of the space you have for the furniture you want.

According to Essential Rentals you must make sure you clear the space before you go and make sure you have extra room to work. All extra things will cost you for the junk removal, so try to make correct measurements.

  1. Get Some Extra Tools

It’s very common for flat pack assembly furniture to come with some of the tools that you require such as an Allen key; but , you may need extra tools such as a flat head screwdriver and a Philips head screwdriver or an electric screwdriver with interchangeable bits, a rubber mallet and a hammer which you’ll have to provide yourself.

  1. You Must Follow the Instructions

Every flat pack comes with an instruction manual that must be followed. Some people consider reading the manual is a waste of time and just want to get started. However, the importance of this step cannot be pointed out enough and it will save you plenty of time and frustration if you just take a few moments to read through the manual, understand the sequence, check each component and separate the pieces.

Essential Rentals advises you to make sure you count every component to ensure you have been given enough. If anything is missing or damaged then you will need to contact the store and ask for replacement parts.

  1. You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Customize

If you want to make your flat pack furniture unique, then you can add your own personal touches like:

  • You can replace the handles with ones you prefer
  • The second step is painting or creating a personal finish – don’t forget to sand and clean the surfaces first and you should do this before you put the furniture together
  • You ought to add a hole for cables
  • Find a substitute the feet or wheels

  essential rentals

  1. Don’t Hurry

Don’t rush, because if you do, there will be more rubbish removal and less actual assembly. If you rush through the assembly, then you are more likely to make mistakes and have to make furniture repairs. These tips will help you decrease the possibility of damaging your furniture:

  • Before hammering in nails, you should place a piece of masking tape where you want the nail to go in order to prevent the wood from splitting. Just make sure to remove the masking tape once the nail is secured.
  • You can use a rubber mallet for dowels instead of a hammer to prevent damage to the pre-made holes.
  • Work on a blanket in order to prevent your floor from getting scratched or dirty or to protect the furniture you’re building.
  • You can ask a friend to help, or you can simply use clamps to keep pieces together while you work.
  • Make sure not to tighten all screws individually, secure the required screws into the panel then tighten them up once they’re all in place to keep your panels evenly placed.

So, if your goal is to make your next furniture assembly project a piece of cake, Essential Rentals reminds you to follow the handy tips in this article and you’ll be enjoying your new furniture in no time!

This way you won’t need to hire any clearance services and you won’t have to do junk collection instead of doing proper assembly.


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