Home Tips: How To Arrange Furniture in Your Living Room

Home is where the living room is and it is the heart and soul of your house reminds the team at Essential Rentals. since it is the one spot always open to your family and friends, the furniture layout is there is fundamentally important. So, choose the right furniture, a piece of artwork or two and a rich, equivalent shade of wall paint to make that final style statement.

If you’re planning to rearrange your living area and you have no idea where to start, continue reading! Our team at Essential Rentals shares a few layout tips for your living room. Make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for more tips!

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Tips

1. Measure

First, you need to determine the size of the area. Use a tape measure to set the exact dimensions and don’t forget to measure the dimensions of the entrance too. The size of the entrance will determine the size of the furniture you need.

2. Make the room appealing

If you want to get this right, think about incorporating a range of furniture pieces with various characteristics. If you are opting for a serene, peaceful and calm area for rest and recovery, keep the furniture pieces similar that tone to avoid what we like to call visual noise.

If lively and energetic is what you want, throw in a curated piece of artwork, match it up with an extra-large sofa and bold statement piece, and achieve that trendy and cohesive look with ease.

3. Balance but with scale

What we are talking about here is the size of different furniture pieces in relation to each other, versus the size of the space, delivers to the scale of the room. Think about different pieces to create height and depth in the room and its space. You need to aim to create unity when the balance is out and when pieces just don’t look and feel right.

4. Symmetry & asymmetry

If you prefer two of everything then you are a symmetry type of person who enjoys an organized, orderly and balanced room layout, which is usually more pleasing to the eye.

But if you prefer two lamps in slightly different sizes on one of your side tables, then inequality and imbalance definitely covers your decor list. Both symmetry and asymmetry are two widely used decor trends and speak to two different personality types. So which one are you?

5. Triangle

Whoever stated that triangle decor is limited to kitchen appliances was incorrect. The triangle principle can be used when decorating your living area too. You can place two side tables alongside a sofa with a piece of artwork at the head of the triangle, reminds our decorating team at Essential Rentals

6. Divide

Yes, divide large or long living areas into zones and create an intimate indoor environment or seating. Zoning into separate dining, conversational or relaxing areas gives that once wide open space a homely look the overall feel of the room.

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Setting and establishing the right furniture layout should not be considered as a chore. When you do it correctly, it will enhance the look and feel of your home and create a balanced and harmonious look. It will also create a modern and elegant living space, which is ultimately what every homeowner wants. We hope these tips will help you but if you need more help with arranging your furniture you can contact us here and our decorating team will assist you.

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